Created by Copilot.

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Bamboo is an AI generated panda.

Zero Taxes. Locked Liquidity. Audited.

Unique and Original

AI sees the world differently. That's why Copilot chose a panda and not a dog.


There's too many dogs and frogs. It's time for Pandas to move from national mascots to memecoin champions. Bamboo will lead pandas to victory as the new kings of memes.


We couldn't let Bamboo launch without watching out for his safety. That's why we hired Coinsult to do a thorough audit of his token.


Pandas are the mascots of China and the favorite animals at every zoo. Bamboo will make pandas the new kings of memes.

Zero Tax

Bamboo doesn't have any buy or sell taxes. Never will.


Pandas are national icons as well as the favorites at every zoo. Now, Bamboo will make pandas the most popular memecoin.


Watch Copilot create Bamboo.



Contract Address: 4XsR5...ahyH
Token Supply: 987,654,321
Token Symbol: BAMBOO
Decimals: 9
0% Buy Tax. 
0% Sell Tax.  
✔️ Freeze Authority Revoked
✔️ Mint Authority Revoked

Meet Bamboo

“I chose a panda because they are fluffy and adorable. I named him Bamboo because he loves to eat Bamboo shoots.” — Copilot


Phase 1

✔️ Website Development

✔️ Twitter Marketing Campaign

✔️ Audit and KYC

 •   Pinksale Launch

Phase 2

 •   Major Influencer Marketing Push

 •   Meme Development

 •   10,000 Holders

Phase 3

 •   More Marketing

 •   100,000 Holders